The SEO Vault Episode 99: Jul 30, 2021

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms + Sophie Allen

Google Changes Eligibility For Fact Check Rich Results
– Google Recent Link Spam Update
Google Says It Does Not Ignore All EDU Links
John Mueller – Try The Google Shopping Feed

And So Much More!

2:01 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
AP News Brand Feature Is Officially LIVE!
Philadelphia Mastermind IS November 5th – 7th – Early Bird Discount is NOW LIVE! – Speakers and Itinerary To Be Announced
– NEW GIVEAWAY For The 100th Episode! – Ticket To The Mastermind – Giveaway Will Be Live On The Vault! – Agency Level Giveaway – EXCLUSIVE LEVEL Includes 12 Month Exclusive Consulting

36:54 SEO News For The Past Week
– Google Link Spam Update – Could Be The Cause Of Any Recent Changes

SERP Changes/Tests
Google Local Business Listing In Search Displays Areas Served – Shows What Regional Areas Businesses Serve
– Google Changes Eligilibility For Fact Check Rich Results – New change Makes It So You Can Only Have 1 “Rich Result” Per Page
– Google Removed Where Your Business Is Located At
– Review Stars Are Back In SERPS

Google Says
– John Mueller On The Recent Google Link Spam Update – “You Don’t Have To Change Your Links To No Follow and Sponsored”
– John Mueller – Google Does Not Ignore All EDU Links
– John Mueller On Google Page Experience Update – Google Page Does Like To Have Duplicated Codes
– John Mueller Says Try Google Shopping Feed – Now Free Google Shopping That People Can List


8:11 in GMB is a mobile service-based business better off having a fixed address that services (x) amount of areas or just have it as a serviced area business with no fixed address. Will either option make it rank better or in more areas?
16:32 Do you think you can rank for a highly competitive keyword organically without having a verified GMB?
21:01 I understand SEO citations for local are critical but how many should you start with? Any Testing on that?
26:06 I understand citations for local are critical. How many citations should you start with?
27:57 Do you guys think doing affiliate SEO or Rank N Rent selling leads is better or more profitable for your experience?


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