The SEO Vault Episode 98: Jul 22, 2021

Co-Host: Mike Milas

Special Guest: Jessie Taylor


New map features for Google Maps allows users to leave more detailed reviews
Google Drops The AMP Label In The Mobile Search Results
Google Tests The Local Pack With Map Placed On Right Side
– John Mueller – No Results Found Response Can Lead To Soft 404s In Google Search Console

And So Much More!

5:25 Local Viking Input
– Local Viking *What’s Happening* – Rolling out Whitelabeled Private Instances With Local Viking – Fully Whitelabeled Under Your Brand
– Features Are Being Developed – Geogrid Updates – SERP Tracking – Almost Done

12:01 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
– NEW 100% Free Neat Content Upgrade On All Account Building – Price is The Same as Before – AI Generated Content On All Socials!
– Upgrade to Hand-written is Available
– NEW Premiere Niche Guest Posts For Tech Websites – Hand Selected Target List!
Philadelphia Mastermind IS November 5th – 7th – Early Bird Discount is NOW LIVE! – Speakers and Itinerary To Be Announced
– NEW GIVEAWAY For The 100th Episode – Ticket To The Mastermind – Giveaway Will Be Live On The Vault!

47:41 SEO News For The Past Week
– NEW features for Google Maps – One is allowing users/searchers to leave more detailed reviews for Restaurants
– Updates with Covid Congestions Reports in More Areas
Google My Business Supporting Hours Of Operations Details

SERP Changes/ Tests
– Google Drops The AMP Label In The Mobile Search Results
Google is Testing NEW Local Map Layouts!
– NEW Timestamp Ability On Your Own Webpages!
Google Released A Post About Search Operators and Their Limitations – Confirming That Search Operators Have Their Limitations

Google Says
– John Mueller – No Results Found Response Can Lead To Soft 404s In Google Search Console
– Gary Illys – Google: Redirects Signals Stick With Destination URL After A Year
– All Redirects Will Stick For Technically 2 years
– Google Core Updates Could Impact (PAA) Section, and Other Search Features


17:48 Hey hey. I have a question. I just acquired a new client. They are in the mortgage industry and have a GMB called Arizona Lending Group. When you type in “Arizona Lending Group” into Google, their business GMB doesn’t show up and their website URL doesn’t show up on the first page either. They launched both of their website and GMB about 4 months ago. They have done almost zero SEO. My question is, how can their business name/website URL/GMB show up at the top of Google when you type in their business name into Google? I’m guessing domain age, proper indexing, and GMB optimization might play a factor. I plan on outsourcing their GMB SEO to you guys, so maybe you guys can look into it more when I send all the details. thanks, guys!
23:25 is there any way of preventing others from suggesting an edit to our GMB listing?
26:00 I’m seeing Google Map listings in some local searches with only 2 results in the Maps area… Is this something new? Are they gonna slowly roll out the Google 3 pack?
30:50 1 More ….. Have a client. I have a strange one here.. Maybe someone can give some insight. When I go to the 3 pack for my gmb I don’t show up, however when I click more I show number #3 yet I’m not #3 in the 3 pack on the Google search page
35:49 hey, I have a client where an employee moved the pin with his personal email. I fixed it in the gmb but he isn’t showing on google anymore. it does 2 things show driving directions or if I misspell it will show him. any ideas. he already had a gstack.
39:37 Are citations still effective in ranking a GMB? How about using the CID as the web link? Any benefits? Also how important are citations with spun content? Is Google getting pickier about citation descriptions now? Are NAPs with a copy/paste description not enough anymore?


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