The SEO Vault Episode 95: Jul 1, 2021

Co-Host: Sophie Allen + Mike Milas

Google Search Spam Algorithm Update Part Two On June 28th
Google Ads Is Deprecating Broad Match Modifier Keywords In Late July
Google Forums Carousel In Mobile Search Results
– Crawled – Currently Not Indexed: A Sign Of A Google Quality Issue?

And So Much More!

4:07 Fourth of July Holiday – Check Web 2.0 for ongoing sales
4:37 GMB Talk with Jessie
– 300 recurring monthly + 200 monthly campaigns, hands-on in a lot of niches and countries
– GMB has to “keep up” because Google is changing recurringly
– Latest change was an Algorithm Update (As of July 1st)
– Google is shifting towards more authoritative and trustworthy brands, Google is attempting to get rid of spam listings
– You must have a “consistent” presence online for Google to even verify you on GMB
– Increase in brand building
– Seeing improvements in listings that have built said brands
– “Quick fixes” will usually lead to a suspension or filtering
– Google considers putting “city” names in your listings as “keyword stuffing”; overall this is not a “good” “quick fix”
– Think of a brand name and use a keyword, use “puns” to your advantage

19:28 GMB Campaign Updates
– A great deal of focus on brand building
– More quality signals, and more signals that are prominent for that brand (Niche-Specific)
– Custom signals package has launched, available as an add-on
– Revamped GMB campaigns, made simpler
– Article publishing and additional unique brand building that is more customer-specific
– They review your specific Niche and do what they can for your brand

Brand Updates
– 4th of July Sale Started Today!
– 10k in SEO Services
– Giveaway To Philadelphia Mastermind (Tickets for hotel and flight)
– Bigger Mastermind
Rebuilt press release syndication platform, syndicated to more and better platforms
Ap News Feature
– Brand write up article that will be published on the associative press website

SEO News for the Past Week
– Part 2 Final Update (Spam Update)
– No Major Changes
– Google is depreciating broadcast modifier;(its already changed)
– Google announced that they had used M.U.M in more complex search understandings
– Google may be testing some forum listings in search
– Google Says – Google updated their help document with redirects, John Mueller made comments about search counsel. He responded with if they are important pages and they are not indexed then it is a problem.


11:52 All USA OR any Canadian sites for the Press Releases?
37:22 Were those GMBs that dropped using names with a dash like ” name – geo” or words like “name in geo”
41:38 Did the CTR test do anything?
44:36 Lost ranking for a site that’s brand is like “City Commercial Cleaners” (“City” being the actual word “City” and NOT the city name). I wondered if that was hurting them too. Being too generic, keyword-rich, even though it is their actual company name.
46:25 Is it most ideal to set up a general location page or do you recommend geo+kw pages as the primary location page?
50:48 Can you tell me, how to index citation links currently it’s getting really hard to index them naturally in Google/ using the indexer tool.
55:21 Reviews seem to be a gmb rankers these days?
59:25 GMB Spam Fighting as an SEO service for clients? Thoughts?
1:00:50 What happens if a business on GMB moves to a new location that needs re-verification? Does the existing map with rankings get de-indexed during the verification process?


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