The SEO Vault Episode 9: Nov 7, 2019

Co-Host: Mark Luckenbaugh + Mike Milas


1:40 Link Velocity – Does Building links too fast have a negative effect?

11:21 E.A.T and BERT Score – Does Google have an E.A.T or BERT Score?

18:58 Google never uses the data for Ads – Google Replied

21:52 Dwell time and engagement, does Google consider these, and are those working now? What our test says

30:52 Google said that about 26% of the time Google bot cannot reach the robots.txt file

32:02 Google releases the Page Speed Report in Search Console

38:23 Google Maps now show business short names


48:50 I have a client that is moving locations in a few weeks – beyond just ensuring the new NAP is consistent across citations, the site, and GMB, are there any other best practices to help offset potential rank drops due to new location?

53:18 Filtering storefronts in service areas, in hybrids with overlapping service areas…


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