The SEO Vault Episode 85: Apr 22, 2021

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen

Special Guest: Bucky Helms


– Web 20 – Custom Signals Service Update
– Page speed beta pushed back based on nitropack rumor
– Google postponing the Page Experience Update
– Google Gains New Page Experience Report In Search Console
– Google Local Updates Adds New Indicator & Photo Updates From Visitors

And So Much More!

1:20 Special Guest: Bucky Helms

07:31 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
– New Videos added to GMB Training Course on LCT
– Custom Signals Update
– Agency Growth Webby reply going out
– Page speed beta pushed back based on Nitropack rumor that they send 0 length files when detecting a Speed Test

19:14 SEO News for The Past Week
– Google is now postponing the Google Page Experience Update. Google announced it is moving from launching next month to launching between mid-June to the end of August.
– Google Gains New Page Experience Report In Search Console
Google Tests New Local Finder Design & Push To Use Chat Button
Google said a 2-week rollout of the product review algorithm, should be done but some think it may not be
Google: Website Design Changes Generally Lead To Content Changes
Google Local Updates Adds New Indicator & Photo Updates From Visitors
John Mueller was asked if using the abbr tag – the HTML abbreviation markup – if that can help you rank higher in Google Search. John said nope, on Twitter.
John Mueller of Google said on Twitter “We don’t count links like that.” The question was “is it possible to build too many links to a page so that it becomes a reason for the page not ranking?

SEO News Discussion
25:08 Google Page Experience
30:52 WordPress sites (41% of the web) to block Google’s FLoC by default
46:50 Thoughts on GMB Messaging feature

32:55 SEO Mad Scientist Update: Closing multiple tests this Week


11:50 The rollout of the custom signals as a stand-alone service has brought with it a whole bunch of options. When you add custom signals onto a campaign, those options are not available. Q1. Will those options be available when you add them to a campaign? Q2. Can you go into any more detail about those add-ons? I was pricing out a campaign for a client in NYC, so I was adding as much juice to it as I could. That was when I noticed all the new options for custom signals. A little more info would be awesome.
50:10 Has anyone else starting to see Page Experience in the search console?
52:06 My friend has a newer gun shop with a gmb, no website. Tons of messaging from prospects come in. People asking if stuff is in stock usually.
57:08 Have you tested if having gmb messaging switched on vs off has an effect on rankings?
1:02:15 CTR manipulation works for local SEO not sure for maps tho.


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