The SEO Vault Episode 70: Jan 7, 2021

Co-Host: Mike Milas 

Google confirms that passage rankings will look just like rich snippets
– Passage ranking and page experience are separate algorithms
Google ad settings allow seeing less alcohol and gambling ads
John Muller SEO suggestions for 2021

And So Much More!

1:40 Weekly Update (Jan 8, 2021)
• SEO Mad Scientist Update: GMB Description Test
• Swag is finally here and ready to be sent out…
• Live Agency Webby will be pushed back in FEB (All about Client Acquisition)
• Webhooks introduced for our Agency Partners

25:23 SEO News Overview (Jan 8, 2021)

36:20 Google Claims – Yocale May Be Added To Your Google Local Listing

52:40 Chaz’s Goals for 2021


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