The SEO Vault Episode 59: Oct 22, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas 


How AI is powering Google
Google showing ads in maps predictive test
– Google Passage Rankings posted about on Twitter
Slow pages on your website “could” impact rankings

And So Much More!

1:50 Weekly Update (Oct 23, 2020)
• Vault Giveaway:  Inbound Sales Automation
• SEO Mad Scientist Update: Duplicate Content Tests, Canonical Tests, and much more…
• Watch for Weekend Store Credit Cashback Deals in The Weekend Update
• John Pim from SerpShip Joining Web 20 to head the Link Building Division
• Press Releases Getting Better

10:55 SEO News Overview (Oct 23, 2020)

15:22 Justice Department sues Google, alleging multiple violations of federal antitrust law

19:50 How AI is powering a more helpful Google


27:48 Has anyone ever had a listing that was verified (by postcard) for several months just go un-verified?
33:00 Anyone else seeing issues with Google this past week? A lot of Keyword fluctuation is going on


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