The SEO Vault Episode 54: Sept 17, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas 


– SERP Volatility Roundup
– Google Want to Know if Your “site:” Index Count is Inaccurate
– Emojis Spotted In Personal GMB Reviews
New How-to Schema Snippets
– We Could Be Experiencing An Algorithm Update

And So Much More!

2:05 Weekly Updates (Sep 18, 2020)
• SEO Vault Giveaway: Agency Automation Workflow
• The Agency Trials: Agency Automation Framework Workshop has Started
• SEO Mad Scientist Update: Single Variable GMB Site Tests
• Proposal Tool Is in SEO Reports Dashboard
SERP Volatility Roundup
• Mirco Training on Our YouTube for service pages
• SEO Accelerated Setup Going Live Soon

11:05 SEO News Overview (Sep 18, 2020)

21:10 NO ANNOUNCEMENT – Google Search Algorithm Update On September 15th? Limited Chatter But Tools Spiking.

23:00 Google Local Review Attributes With Emojis & Google Featured Snippets With How-To Schema

26:30 Google: Speed Is Complex To Measure But Focus On Core Web Vitals


31:05 Do you ever have a client that continues to not get you the stuff you need but they always still pay you on time?
38:06 Do you see any difference when using google site instead of a regular site built with WP or some other builder?


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