The SEO Vault Episode 51: Aug 27, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas 


– Mini Nets Update
– Mastermind Update
– New Snippets Spotted
– See What Jump Links Google Created For Your Website…
– This Weeks “Google Says”

And So Much More!

2:30 Weekly Updates (Aug 28, 2020)
• Vault Giveaway: Agency Automation Workflow
• The Agency Trials: Trial #4 has started
• SEO Mad Scientist Update: GMB Tests Organic (Lots of New Data)
• Web 2.0 Ranker VS LCT SEO Services
• Mini Nets Fully Launch – https://web20ranker.com/mini-networks/
• New Private SEO Facebook Group
• SEO Life Swag Going Out
• 2020 Mastermind Pushed back to 2021

19:15 SEO News Overview (Aug 28, 2020)

29:35 John Mueller – Google: Links From Wikipedia Does Nothing For Your Site & Has No SEO Value

34:06 John Mueller – Google: Keywords In URLs Have Minimal Impact Once Content Is Indexed

40:50 John Mueller – Google: New Sites Launched On Old Domains Do Not Default To Mobile-First Indexing

42:42 Jump Links – See What Jump Links Google Created For Your Website


46:35 I’m managing a business where they rank all over the city in maps for one keyword but not the other?


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