The SEO Vault Episode 49: Aug 13, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Mark Luckenbaugh 


– Comments from John Muller
– Header Order Doesn’t Matter for SEO
–  Google Blames another “Glitch” for SERP Madness

And So Much More!


02:10 Weekly Updates (Aug 14, 2020)
• Vault Giveaway for our Agency Automation Workflow
• The Agency Trials – Trial #2 has Started
• SEO Mad Scientist Update – GMB Link Swap Tests
• Agency Accelerator Mastermind Update – Agency Sales Machine Ready to Run (Just press GO)

06:15 SEO News Overview (Aug 14, 2020)

11:40 Michael Shares some of his findings while he was digging through Searches

14:46 Google Blames another “Glitch” for SERP Madness

30:05 John Muller – Guest Blog Post Links Have Zero Value

39:10 Stripe – How to receive payments through stripe?


45:15 What is the Preferred Method to Gain Access and Manage Client GMBs?

48:42 For GEO Relevance is it wise to say use Local Neighbourhood Images and talk about the Neighbourhood?


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