The SEO Vault Episode 44: Jul 9, 2020

Co-Host: Mark Luckenbaugh + Mike Milas 

– Google Testing New SERP Features
– Recent Comments From Google
– New Page Experience Update

And So Much More!

3:13 Web20Ranker Weekly Updates:
• Agency fulfillment hiring funnel giveaway
• SEO Mad Scientist – EXIF Data Tests will be released in this weekends email
• 4th of July Sale Grand Prize Winners will be announced on the 10th
• New post alert! Optimizing your site for mobile-first indexing
• Local Viking – Tons of content being released soon!
• New UI for Local Viking is in the final stages

11:42 Google Testing New SERP Features

20:20 Spam Reports not being used for Manual Action – Gary Illyes

22:22 New Page Experience Update

30:05 Keyword cannibalization – “False Belief” in the SEO marketing world



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