The SEO Vault Episode 39: Jun 4, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Mark Luckenbaugh 

– Google Fresh Content Issues
– Google is Looking at Your Sites History
– Is Your Site Mobile Ready?
– Page Experience is About to Get More Important to SEO

And So Much More!

2:40 FREE Vault Giveaway (Time Limited) – Get the FREE Giveaway before it Ends

11:50 Google Indexing Issues Are Now Resolved

14:10 If you’re getting more traffic from Google desktop bot, make sure it’s mobile-ready – John Muller

26:25 Older Sites didn’t get any ranking boost

31:57 Google is Looking at Your Sites History




35:30 How are you guys handling content as your business grows? I’m needing like 10 articles a day and things are getting overwhelming.


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