The SEO Vault Episode 30: Apr 2, 2020

Co-Host: Mark Luckenbaugh + Mike Milas


Google GMB Posts Are Back – Temporary Closed Status Doesn’t Hurt Your Rankings

– Says Google – Google Tests Dine In, Take Out & Delivery Attributes

– Google My Business Tips From Google – New YouTube Timestamp Featured Snippets

– Google Ads Testing Carousel In Search Again?

– The PR Toolbar is Gone But Google Can Look Up Page Rank

And So Much More!

2:00 GMB A-Z Ranking Guide: Local SEO Tactics Derived from 1000’s of Ranked Listings with FREE Local SEO Toolbox on Local Viking Plus Up to date GMB FREE Ranking course on Local SEO Community.

9:12 Google My Business updates – Seeing a lot of glitches

14:17 Google states the ‘temporarily closed’ status will not hurt your ranking – Chaz’s warning

16:30 Google Tests Dine In, Take Out & Delivery Attributes For Local Results

20:30 Google Featured Snippets Showing YouTube Timestamp Links (It’s different from the previously Shown snippet)

24:40 Google is showing some weird Image Snippets on Videos

28:50 Discussion about Google’s Internal Pagerank and Google’s emphasis on the fact they don’t use third-party Metrics

37:07 Google Ads Testing Carousel In Search Again?

41:32 Movement on Organic Search from the last couple of weeks


46:05 Has anyone here gotten any edit at all through on GMB specific to COVID-19? Have seen people saying Google is okay with that sort of thing right now under the circumstances.

47:34 I wanted to know what do you do when starting a new lead gen site on another city but on the same niche. Do you use any spin tool? Or rewrite service? Or do you go for new and fresh content? I assume that the WordPress layout keeps the same, with the same service pages, etc.


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