The SEO Vault Episode 28: Mar 19, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Mark Luckenbaugh


8:48 Google My Business Using Duplex To Call Businesses To See Hour Changes Or Closures

17:44 Does having Content on your site that doesn’t get searched for hurt your site?

25:17 Google Chrome Mixed Content Does Not Fully Impact Google Search

29:32 GMB Specialist – How it helps to get more targeted customers

42:29 New WordPress Update – Automated theme and plugin update

43:12 Update says they are going to remove more videos than usual

44:27 Google warns about assumptions based on-site search


49:19 What’s your #1 Hack for Keyword Research?

54:50 A lot of backlink providers are doing PBNs for tier 2 links, but what would you expect good metrics would be for a tier 2 link from a vendor?


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