The SEO Vault Episode 27: Mar 12, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas 


5:45 Corona Affect at Web 20 and all the Agencies and how it Impacts the SEO and Advertising Industry

12:54 Google Showing PDF Image thumbnails in search and lot of changes in SERP & how machine learning is manipulating SERP

18:03 “People also Ask” section seeing a huge drop in the amount of SERPs that showing that section

21:05 Don’t Index your Search Result Pages

25:52 Heading & Titles help a little with Pagination, Links help the best

29:05 Google to review Photos & Videos uploaded to Google My Business

36:10 Interesting Finds in SERPs and how it’s impacting mobile and desktop & Analysis of 250 million SERPs finds no-click – Search Engine Land

43:50 Sitemap is not necessary if you have a small site and you don’t do many changes – Google


46:48 How important is a thoroughly done schema markup for a service area business?

49:20 GMB Reinstatement Experts – Are any of you doing anything in particular when you fill out the form that you believe makes you more likely to get reinstated?

54:02 If a competitor outranks you in maps, and you’re not that far behind, what’s a quick 3-4 month strategy to move increase ranking and bridge the gap?


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