The SEO Vault Episode 26: Mar 5, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas


1:32 FAQ Rich Snippet Guidelines – Our testing on Schema and how it affects the SERP

6:52 Google stated in a comment that they have the essential algorithm in place to combat Wikipedia vandalism

13:25 Niche Citations are Live at Web 20 – Order yours now!

13:30 Lot of tests are conducted and some really cool stuff going on at web 20. So don’t forget to get on the newsletter list.

15:23 Michael shares his technique on how he launched his new site of almost 9K unique words (100% FREE) and Free internal linking that automates all the interlinking.

18:30 Logo Placement on your site does Impact SEO?

21:54 Insightful thoughts on a gradual decline in Rankings, John Muller explanation, and what our tests conclude

27:43 Are guest posts dead? After link attributes update or is it just a Myth?


33:56 How do we add Areas Served below the services?

35:30 What’s the best way to find keywords to rank for Local Business?

41:13 How to hire your first VA? How to train them and get the maximum output?”


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