The SEO Vault Episode 25: Feb 27, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas 


1:40 New Blog Post on Web20Ranker about Feb GMB Update

6:40 After months of testing we finally launched our Niche Citation Packages

8:35 Image Search Update – Licensing metadata in the Image and Image Sizes

12:12 Case Study Conduct by Michael on how Images helps in ranking on Local & National Sites

12:51 Get on the Weekend SEO Update List where Michael shares all of his testings

13:16 Google My Business products and it suggests a category

15:10 Local Marketing Mastermind – Some big tests get Released there

15:40 Quality Raters Guideline – Best Practice

20:11 If your site gets penalized doesn’t mean it won’t penalize again – John Muller

22:50 Google still use Page Rank internally – John Muller


29:45 What’s your favorite citation indexing method?

35:00 How are these GMB’s that have no website, no reviews outranking Legit GMB’s with a website?

41:22 Change from a physical location to service to get reinstated but that has crashed the rankings. How do you get the rankings back?


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