The SEO Vault Episode 24: Feb 20, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas


0:55 GMB Update – What has come of it and what we are seeing

3:03 Things to do before applying for reinstatement

8:40 Web 20 offers DFY reinstated service in all of the GMB packages also help recover the rankings

11:26 Chaz golden tips for lead gen site owners

13:20 Google notifies about deleted reviews but how to track new reviews?

15:20 Video Markup showing in SERPS and how you get to benefit from it

18:52 Text in an image ALT attribute within an H1 is within the H1

21:04 Google disavow works instantly after the file was added?

24:30 There is no exception for speed test including our own products

26:35 Google says do not use comments on AMP and experts opinions on AMP

28:35 Bing testing clarifying questions in search results

30:50 Schema Test – Michael Case Study on FAQ Schema


36:33 Do you add your keywords/longtails/near-me types of keywords into the services portion within GMB? If yes, when adding the descriptions of each one, do you insert URLs? Asking because that portion isn’t visible to search visitors.

40:08 Exif Data input using LocalViking, do you add the keyword as title or Brand’s map location?

41:21 What other optimization tips can you recommend besides the usual daisy chain of GMB posts, and creating category lists?


46:08 Does using Google campaign builder URL tracking for the URL in GMB business info section and appointment links lead to inaccurate citation NAP+website?

50:12 I last used map citations boosts in say, 2016…yay or nay in 2020? Too spammy?


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