The SEO Vault Episode 23: Feb 13, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas


1:30 Brand Update on Web 2.0 Ranker

3:11 Closer to better reporting solutions

4:02 Local updates

5:42 Google will start unverifying inactive listings

7:34 Google – Post getting denied with stock images

11:11 Update with Google Maps app

13:52 Image search optimization

16:25 Organic search – unconfirmed updates

20:52 John Mueller – wordcount for SEO doesn’t matter

23:13 John Mueller – offers ranking advice

26:32 John Mueller – Site mergers taking longer than moving a site

27:00 Search console updates


27:45 Downside to switching a well-ranking listing from storefront service area to service area only?

30:48 Homepage has been ranking for location but would rather have inner page rank for that location instead, what to do?

36:00 Does possum affect organic rankings?


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