The SEO Vault Episode 22: Feb 6, 2020

Co-Host: Mark Luckenbaugh


1:45 URL length is not a ranking factor

5:00 GMB Unpublished – What’s going to happen?

8:00 Indexing – You shouldn’t have to push it

11:05 Get in on the Mastermind happening in November

16:45 Toxic links

19:15 Toxic anchor text


22:15 Should you change an old virtual office that has been postcard verified?

24:30 Buying GMB service?

25:40 For GMB should you use proxies?

26:30 Prefer SAB or Storefront?

29:55 Adding authority outbound links, should you put a no-follow tag

36:53 How to maintain rankings once a client has reached good visibility and are getting calls through maps.

33:35 Simplicity = Scale


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