The SEO Vault Episode 191: Mastering SEO with Multi-Language Site Structures

SEO Podcast Co-Hosts: Mike Milas + Victor Perez

Highlights From The Episode:

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

1:46 Brand updates, deals, promotions, and news.

SEO Discussion

2:50 Multi-language site structure: plugins

Recent SEO News

23:37 Catch up on the latest industry and algorithm updates.

“Google Says”


10:00 What are your thoughts on PSEO?

16:14 I’m particularly having challenges in finding the right keywords and topical authority. How is it different here?

46:17 My page is indexed by Google and other pages are not yet, but the problem is that my home page appears with site: operator but its not appear when searching by its name. I already submitted the sitemap on the console and the page is not blocked by robots.txt or noindex tags.

I don’t know the issue and what will be the solution if any expert can guide me I will be thankful.

47:30 On location pages, do you link to the GBP for the business or to the address of the business?

50:11 If a local website has multiple location pages for the small cities it serves but only one GBP, is it best to link the GBP to the website homepage or location page of the city the GBP is located in?

GBP covers multiple cities/counties.

56:18 What about a QR code linking to a map listing on the location?

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