The SEO Vault Episode 19: Jan 16, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas

2:00 Core update – what has come of it and what we’re seeing

3:45 How the update is affecting the movement of keywords, affiliate sites, local sites, etc.

4:55 Make sure you are looking into search intent with the update if you are experiencing losses

6:08 GMB should have a better system for reporting terms

9:27 Seeing fluctuations before the update was officially announced

10:17 Google says: Removing tag feed from search pages won’t help rankings

13:25 PBN’s performing better when you remove tag & category pages

14:48 What Web 20 Ranker is up to!

16:55 Google made a statement about backlinks coming from HTTP & HTTPS the exact same

18:17 Evergreen content – Do you need to update dates or even have them?


23:48 Can a forum on your website benefit in terms of SEO and overall ranking?

30:50 2 business listings at the same address – how to set it up?

34:10 Where can you find courses & training?

35:53 Are GMB posts important for rankings?”


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