The SEO Vault Episode 18: Jan 9, 2020

Co-Host: Mike Milas


2:00 Is an update coming? If you’re seeing changes here’s what to look for

8:08 Reconsideration request taking longer than usual

9:35 GMB request moving quicker

10:02 Search console bugs & what you should be looking for

11:58 Google Reminder: Fix internal links with 404 errors

14:42 Website – Medium losing 40% of organic traffic

17:18 Updating headlines and titles with 2020

22:45 List snippets in Google

26:54 Google says voice search is a fad

29:09 Google outsourcing to telecom companies for support

29:49 Chaz rant about testing


33:03 How can you get more prominence in a large city?

38:30 How to get clients to pay after they’ve said Yes

43:56 What is the best auto-responder?


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