The SEO Vault Episode 179 – Bing’s Relevancy Revolution & ChatGPT Integration Changing Search

SEO Podcast Co-Hosts: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms

Highlights From The Episode:

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

11:30 Brand updates, deals, promotions, and news.

  • Sign up now if you’re not signed up for the Web 2.0 Ranker weekend update!
  • The 2023 Local Marketing Mastermind info is coming soon
  • We’ll be releasing the 2022 annual test report Out Tomorrow!
  • Dental SEO campaigns launching soon
  • SEO Reports Updates:
    • New Client Login Coming
    • Messenger 2.0
    • CSV Import – by location under 1 client
  • Weekend deal – Get 15% cashback with any new eCom, Lawyer or managed search campaign

SEO News For The Past Week

19:47 Catch up on the latest industry and algorithm updates.

SERP Changes We’re Seeing

“Google Says”


31:56 What are your thoughts on using AI content tools and SEO?

34:32 I have two businesses already. I put a suite number and received the verification code from google. I want to know if I should open up a third or if it’s OK to do so. They are legitimate business: one’s for my marketing agency, my legit marketing agency and another’s for a pet marketing agency.

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