The SEO Vault Episode 169 – How To Create Relevancy For A GBP Listing + SpamBrain LinkSpam Update

SEO Podcast Hosts: Chaz Edwards + Bucky Helms

Highlights from this Episode:

What’s Going on With Our SEO Brands

Learn about new services, products, software, and more.

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

4:34 Brand updates, deals, promotions, and news.

  • Sign up now if you’re not signed up for the Web 2.0 Ranker weekend update!
  • Weekend deal: 30% off Bio Entity Stacks. Use code 30bio.
  • Event Link Building Service LIVE and Going Well.
  • Updated SEO Campaigns to include Custom Signals, 2x Content, and 4x Onpage.
  • We Updated our Monthly GBP campaigns before the Black Friday sale – implementing some of the things we’ve learned in SEO testing!
  • The Monthly SEO addon will soon be available for Monthly GBP Campaigns. This should be ready and LIVE before the year-end sale!
  • We are finalizing those daily deals now and getting Year End Sale READY.
  • The GeoBooster app is live. Every LocalViking and Local Brand Manager users get a free location.
  • SEO Spring Training is taking place in Tempe, Arizona, in April.

SEO News For The Past Week

7:40 Catch up on the latest industry and algorithm updates.

SERP Changes We’re Seeing

SEOs Say

Google Says

SEO Discussion

12:15 Video uploads for Google Reviews on Google Maps app

19:17 Well-detailed Google Local Guide reviews affect rankings

28:40 Our take on ChatGPT

SEO Mad Scientist Update

Get our SEO test updates to know what’s working in SEO. Sign up now!

43:44 Lets See How an Entire Website of Hidden Content Performs…


24:02 Is there Any testing that shows that mentioning the niche or keyword in the Q/A section a lot in Google business profile help in rankings?

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