The SEO Vault Episode 163 – Google’s New Stand on AI Content

SEO Podcast Co-Hosts: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms

Highlights From The Episode:

What’s Going on With Our SEO Brands

Be in the know about new services, products, software, and more.

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

9:46 Brand updates, deals, promotions, and news.

SEO News For The Past Week

34:42 Catch up on the latest industry and algorithm updates.

SERP Changes We’re Seeing

“Google Says”

SEO Discussion

38:55 Google’s new stand on AI-generated content.

SEO Mad Scientist Update

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50:23 GBP Cannabilization… How Can We Fix It?


25:35 Is there any benefit to having a GMB short name?

30:00 Is it best to use that Geo booster only if you’re in that local market, meaning the client is actually in that area, not as the agency posting?

43:58 How do you get to the free Google website link?

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