The SEO Vault Episode 14: Dec 12, 2019

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Mark Luckenbaugh


3:28 Recent Google algorithm update may be related to Analytics Bug

13:50 Google to revise guidelines around pagination (next and previous)

21:20 Google test Local Pack with black ad label on desktop

28:57 John Muller surprises with an answer to a negative SEO question

33:42 Disavow links – use it as a last resort

39:48 Not having a manual action doesn’t mean your site is good – John Muller

44:45 Google test package tracking directly in the search option


51:11 Can google decide which name to show on GMB listings?

55:50 What’s everyone’s opinions on Pop-Ups?

1:02:53 Do you guys use a new search console for each lead gen site?


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