The SEO Vault Episode 131 – Mar 10, 2022

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms & Sophie Allen

  • Weekend deal at Web20Ranker- You’ll get a free Google News Link with $300 purchase.
  • New features coming up on Local Viking
  • SEO Claims Higher Rankings Without Content Hidden In Tabs Again.

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

  • We offer free SEO audits for your campaigns.
  • Weekend deal – Free Google News approved guest post link with $300+ purchase
  • Save The Date: (September 16, 17, 18) for the Local Marketing Mastermind in Florida. Sign up for the early bird list.
  • SERP Results beta pushed back to end of March.
  • New features on Local Viking coming up, like shared local voice, expanded matrix, and the mobile app (Mobile Viking).
  • Quarterly Testing Report to be released.

SEO News For The Past Week

  • Can You Gain More Intended Google Search Results With Subdomains?
  • Connect Your Google Business Profiles To Woo Promo
  • Google Web Stories Test URL In Footer & Tips

SERP Changes

  • Google Ads Testing Lighter Parts URLs
  • Google People Also Ask Displaying Two Or More Times On A Page

Google Says

  • John Mueller Gives A Hard Lesson To An SEO On Google Ranking & Spam
  • Google: We Mostly Just Ignore Widget Links And Not Penalize For Them

SEO Discussion

34:00 SEO Claims Higher Rankings Without Content Hidden In Tabs Again


10:43 What are your thoughts on changing old GMB that was a storefront to an SAB? Will we lose the product category?

15:28 Does having keyword-rich questions and answers on your Google My Business listing help with ranking?

21:35 Do products help increase your relevancy?

26:44 Risks of verifying 2 listings at the same address, but utilizing a Suite A/B setup?

40:36 Does not responding to your client reviews in a timely manner actually have an impact?

42:46 Should my product/service descriptions across 4 GMBs be spun or if they are identical, it’s not a big deal?

46:28 How to force clients to sign up for directories that require owner-verification?

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