The SEO Vault Episode 13: Dec 5, 2019

Co-Host: Mike Milas


2:10 Google confirming an update for GMB – What’s the update and how it works

7:36 Google Ads – job type showing in the services section

10:51 Google Keyword Planner Update – Now you can share your keyword campaign

12:30 Product results filter in the webmaster performance report

14:12 We already ignore links from spammy sites, no need to disavow them – John Muller

18:10 Rel-Canonical links – do they work and how to use them for syndication

24:02 SEJ wrote an article about 63% of customers do not understand how search engine categorizes


25:25 What is the best resource we use for managing our staff?

30:20 Is the number of reviews a stronger ranking factor than ever?

36:12 Anyone have OR can recommend a good resource for some RSS SEO tactic?

42:38 Anyone found a co-relation between embedding Google resources from GMB account VS another Google account?


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