The SEO Vault Episode 124 – Jan 20, 2022

Co-Host: Michael Milas + Sophie Allen

  • Another Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Update (January 19th & 20th)
  • Targeted Media Release Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Our new Targeted Media Outreach Service combines our PR service & syndication with manual outreach to 1,000 contacts from our database of 1 million+ media outlets and journalists.

  • The Beta Group for SERP Results (the rank tracker we built) is also half full!

    You can sign-up for our beta test to try it FREE before anyone else.

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

  • SERP Results Beta Group (50% Seats Reserved)
  • Text Deals Offer is up on the Site
  • Targeted Media Release Buy 2 Get 1 Free (33%)
  • 900 Hours of Custom Signal Building – New Milestone Achieved
  • Just added the 2020 Testing Report and it is available for download on the site now! Over 100 Pages and Super Actionable
  • Sale Credits and Benefits/Bonuses are actively being tabulated and sent out. Thank you for your patience as it is a manual process!
  • We are still making big updates in the SEOreports.Agency Dashboard and are excited to announce that we’ve only had a handful of minor issues since the integration!
  • We are still revamping the Agency Partnership Program a touch and those changes will come as we add new integrations in dashboard as well so keep an eye out for messages from our team concerning The Agency Partnership Program, you may be surprised at the discounts that you already are approved for and just havent known about!
  • We also want to start offering a deep dive into one of your sites and LIVE review as well as audit that brand on the SEO vault and you could even get some free or greatly reduced services to help you guys if you want have one of your brands looked at!

SEO News For The Past Week

  • Google Business Profile Edit Large Overlay In Search Results
  • Desktop Page Experience Report Now In Google Search Console
  • Recipe Schema Markup No Longer Supports Ranges For Cook, Prep & Total Time
  • Google Local Service Ads Allows Alternative Background Checks Process
  • Another Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Update (January 19th & 20th)

SERP Changes/Test

  • Google Maps Pins With Review Snippets

Google Says

  • John Mu: Google: Do Not Use Commas, Brackets Or Non-Standard URL Encoding For Faceted Navigation
  • Will Google Target Fluff Content In Search?
  • Dan Sulivan and John Mu: Google: We Don’t Push Out Search Algorithm Rollouts Right Before Weekends
  • John Mu: Google Reiterates That A Spike In Crawling Unrelated To Upcoming Algorithm Updates
  • John Mu: Google: We Don’t Understand If Content Is Equivalent When In A Different Language

SEO Discussion

28:35 SEO Mad Scientist Update
36:10 Make sure to take advantage of our Free SEO Audit in resources tab!


14:10 Any Update on the New Local SEO Course 2.0?
38:15 For your location pages would you recommend doing neighborhoods within a city. i.e Boston has about about 25 different neighborhoods. (Beacon Hill, Back bay, South Boston, West End…. etc) Would you create a location for each neighborhood within a city?

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