The SEO Vault Episode 114: Nov 12, 2021

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Sophie Allen + Bucky Helms And Jessie Taylor

  • Google November Spam Update
  • Google May Use IndexNow Protocol For Instant Indexing
  • Philadelphia Local Marketing Mastermind Replays Will be available next week.
    And much more!

Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update

  • Philadelphia Local Marketing Mastermind DONE Replays Will be available next week.
  • Weekend Deal Early Black Friday Special

* New GMB Campaigns Last Chance to get Current Monthly Packages Coming Soon Once Launch New Campaign, Won’t be any more Current Monthly.
* Early Bird Black Friday Sale 27.5%

SEO News For The Past Week

  • Google November Spam Update
  • Google May Use IndexNow Protocol For Instant Indexing
  • PSA: Google Ads Account Suspensions Over Violating Webmaster Guidelines
  • Google Business Profile Name Live
  • Googlebot’s IP Addresses In JSON File Officially From Google

Google Says

  • Google: You Shouldn’t Be Creating Links To Your Site
  • Google says it does not use CTR for ranking


17:33 I have a client that previously set up 2 GMB’s for his business with slightly different spellings for both businesses. He also created 2 websites for both, however, one of the websites inner pages are all pointed to the original site. Both offices are about 50 miles apart, so they are serving 2 different areas. Should he just rename one of the GMBs to the original name and get rid of the secondary home page and add a service area page instead?
31:40 Should every GMB Posting post contain new content all the time. Does it hurt alot to use the same 2-3 times
35:08 Are you still finding geo-tagging on images in GMB posts to work on areas where you want to rank?
38:54 We’ve noticed that some businesses lose their Google Guaranteed badge/checkmark on certain days and their LSA profile gets “”demoted”” further down the LSA results. Is this caused by them exhausting their set budget or maxing out on the leads they want to get from LSA?
45:44 Can I Pay to Watch the Mastermind Videos?

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