The SEO Vault Episode 11: Nov 21, 2019

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Mark Luckenbaugh 


1:30 All of the changes we were seeing in SERP recently (including favicon, URL above the metadata, and Google labeling search results)

4:17 FAQ schema results showing up in the SERP underneath listings

14:10 Jump link in the SERP result to the table of content links within the article

23:28 Google has a little arrow next to the Title – What is it?

25:26 Rumors about a Google Update

31:20 Google mentioning why the link is ignored between 2 sites if one of those pages isn’t indexed

36:36 Regular Updates in GMB – What’s going on…


44:47 A goto source for ADA compliance on websites?

46:50 Is it a good decision to only provide GMB optimization and management services?

49:42 Does domain age matter?


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