The SEO Vault Episode 104: Sep 4, 2021

Co-Host: Bucky Helms + Mike Milas

Google’s Title/Header Change Does Not Impact Rankings
Google Search Tests Double Indented Results
Google Tests Expandable Search Snippet Carousel
Google: Don’t Blindly Replace Your HTML Title Tags With Google Titles

And So Much More!

4:10 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
– Philadelphia Mastermind IS November 5th – 7th – Speakers and Itinerary To Be Announced
– Interactive Mastermind Format – 2 Full Days Of Sessions (Saturday & Sunday) – Hands-On Workshops – Highest Access Level Comes With EXCLUSIVE 12 Month Discord Group To Work On More Advanced Topics (Agency Automation & Sales + More)
– Dynamic Event – Can Fit 3x The Previous Amount Of People
– You Will Leave With The Pieces Of YOUR Agency That You Need!
– At Certain Access Levels You Gain “Accountability”
– 12 Month Group Comes With Networking & Quarterly Calls
– Learn More About The Mastermind Here
– Confirmed Speakers – Chaz Edwards – Jessie Taylor – Mike Milas – Mike Rayburn – Eldar Cohen – Bucky Helms – Sophie Allen – Jon Kaufman – Traci Rayburn – Jason Guy
– Not Just Web20 Team – All Speakers Will Be In The Exclusive Access Group
– Labor Day Sale Is Now Live! – Daily Sale
– To Learn More About The Weekend Update Subscribe To Web20Ranker

18:59 SEO News For The Past Week
– Google’s Titles Are Being Switched Out – 77% are Being Replaced With The H1 Tag
– Jessie Taylor Revolving Around The Fact That GMB Is Now Making Comparisons Between Places You’ve Visited And Places You’re Thinking About Visiting She Stated
“I’m thinking this will eventually impact rankings as well. They will be more personalized and based on individual interests, a customized feed of local results…How will this affect Local SEO?”

SERP Changes/Tests
– Google Search Tests Double Indented Results
– Google Tests Expandable Search Snippet Carousels

Google Says
– Googles John Mueller Stated, “just because one algorithm selects something as a title doesn’t mean it’s a better title.” “There are certainly also situations where maybe Google’s algorithms select the worse title and where you want to keep the one that you had there,”. This Means, That John Mueller Recommends You To Not Just Blindly Replace Your HTML Title Tags With Googles Titles
– John Mueller Also Stated That Generally, Removing Your AMP Page Shouldn’t Result In Search Ranking Decline
– John Mueller Stated That Keyword Rich Domains For Your Website Won’t Help You Rank
– John Mueller Then Stated That Lighthouse Scores Do Not Affect Your Website
– John Mueller Lastly Stated That Content Behind Paywalls Isn’t Immediately Thin Content


32:20 I’ve seen more than a few whining about gmb suspensions and connecting it to LV. I haven’t lost any. Have yall see more?
39:30 What do you guys use to geotag images? And are they sticking or is it a waste of time….?

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