The SEO Vault Episode 101: Aug 13, 2021

Co-Host: Bucky Helms + Sophie Allen

Google Enforcing Physical Addresses For Some GMB Listings
Google Tests Affordable Picks Carousel In Mobile Search
Google Says Each Core Update Can Affect Search Ranking Differently
Google Says Linking To Lesser Websites Doesn’t Make Your Site Less Relevant

And So Much More!

4:24 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
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– New Blog Post Out On The Web 2.0 Ranker Website – Google Link Building Blog Related Post – Niche Guest Posts, Affordable PBN’s, Good Guest Posts, and Premium Outreach Links – Also Launching NEW Niche’s
– NEW Weekend Deal! – All Press Services (Except Bulk) are 25% Off Starts This Friday!
– Custom Built Press Syndication Platform – Premium Press With AP News – Go Check It Out Now!
– Version 2.0 Press Syndication Will Have Whitelabel Instances For Agency Partners
– New Link Management Dashboard – To Ensure Better Quality Of Bought Links

26:23 SEO News For The Past Week
– Possible Problem With Indexation – Pages Are Dropping In And Out Of The Index – None Persistent Issue, and Google Has Yet To Confirm If It Is An Issue
Google Sharing Data Handling Details On Search Console Insights Reporting – Published A Blog Post, With New Details On How Data Security Is Tailored To Content Creators And Website Owners

SERP Changes/Tests
Google New Affordable Picks Carousel Showing In Mobile Search – Google Is Now Showing A New Carousel To “help shoppers find lower-cost, cheaper and more affordable products.”.
Google To Restrict Ad Targeting On Children – Google Recently Listed Changes It Is Making Around Children And Search – SafeSearch Assistant Will Be Automatically Enabled For Accounts 18 And Under
– Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Algorithm – The SEO Community and Certain Tools Are Seeing Fluctuations – Google Has Yet To Confirm Anything
Google Enforcing Some Physical Addresses For Some Google My Business Listings – Google Is Now Requiring Some Businesses To Add A Physical Address And Not Be A Service Area Business In Google My Business

Google Says
Google: Linking To Lesser Websites Doesn’t Make Your Site Less Relevant – John Mueller Of Google Stated “Does a link to a “lesser” website make a result less relevant? Do links on Wikipedia make it less useful? Not at all.”. Now if links are spammy and manipulative then Google won’t trust said links.
Google Search Console Doesn’t Filter Out All Bot Traffic – John Mueller confirmed that the Google Search Console does not filter out all bot traffic.
Google: Alt Text Is Important For SEO – Google’s Martin Splitt said that “alt text is important for SEO too.”
Google: Each Core Update Can Affect Search Rankings Differently – John Mueller clarified that when Google pushes out new core updates that each one can impact Google’s core rankings differently. – Each Update Could Impact Your Site Differently, Or It Could Not


12:27 What tools or resources do you all use to make your life easier meaning tracking reports GMB clients. Clients payments renewals Etc?
52:07 Have you guys played or have any insights on Google Web Stories?


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