The SEO Vault Episode 100: Aug 6, 2021

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Bucky Helms + Jessie Taylor + Danielle Windsor


Google Removes Safe Browsing As A Google Ranking Signal
Google Tests Discussion Carousel
Google Says To Use One Sitemap File For Google News
Google Says Core Updates Can Sometimes Impact Image Search And Local Search

And So Much More!

17:07 Web 2.0 Ranker Weekly Update
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1:02:18 SEO News For The Past Week

SERP Changes/Tests
– Google Removes Safe Browsing As A Google Ranking Signal – This Comes From The Google Page Experience Update, Google Implied that It Was Never Used As A Signal
Google Testing Discussions Carousel – Google Is Testing A New Design Layout For Displaying Forums In The Search Results

Google Says
– Google: Try To Use One Sitemap File For Google News – John Mueller Said “I’d try to use one sitemap file for news. We can crawl it faster, & don’t have to consolidate signals (same URL w/different meta-data in sitemaps?). If they’re for non-overlapping sections, that’s less of an issue”.
Danny Sulivan – Confirmed That Google Core Updates Can Sometimes Impact Both Image Search & Local Search Results
Google: If You Remove A Part Of Your Website You Will Rank Differently – John Mueller Confirmed That Rankings Change When You Remove Certain Parts Of Your Website
Google Says Coming Back In Search Is Faster Than Dropping Out In Search After Downtime


9:56 Do you know if it’s possible to get a due follow link from my maps? Or did Google close that one? Is it still worth getting?
14:30 Should we link to the press releases?
25:02 Chaz – I’m linking my social profiles, my press releases, and my guest posts, should I link “web20” links? the links I find when I do a brand search?
30:10 AP News – Is This US Specific?
33:09 Chaz – I’ve looked at some past posts from you (Web20Ranker) regarding CTR manipulation. In some you indicate that it’s legit, and it’s something that web20ranker.com does, and in others you say it’s overrated, can you clarify?
40:35 Why did you all get into SEO? You all have very diverse backgrounds…
47:28 Tier 2 links. How many tier 2 links to a GP and what metric do you use to decide how many you link to a GP; DR? RD? Traffic? Keywords?
49:24 I have 3 websites, 2 of them I’ve used ALL of your GMB services (they were all pieced together), for my third website, what service/option is there to encompass all of them?
51:47 A client has a car rental company near the Toronto airport (despite the airport address actually being in the connecting city of Mississauga). The client has an affiliation with a European vehicle rental company too. The problem is…a) my client’s GMB address is in “Mississauga”. b) the affiliate also has a GMB at the exact same address as our client – but with ” – Toronto” added to the GMB name. If I search the area for “car rental mississauga” or even “car rental” my client comes up. But if I search for “car rental toronto” the European affiliate comes up. I’d rather my client show up for “car rental toronto” since that is a way more popular kw. Anything I can do to help get my client showing up for “car rental toronto” related kws?
1:06:09 Speaking of YouTube when you put on the subtitles on your videos do you think Google is picking that wording up for keywords?
1:08:47 Do you take a different approach ranking a local service business that is commercial only? But that does 0 residential?
1:14:40 Is there any value in doing multi-language websites if you live on the border?


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