The SEO Vault Episode 10: Nov 14, 2019

Co-Host: Mike Milas + Mark Luckenbaugh 


2:28 Celebrating Over 250,000 listings managed on Local Viking – Join now: https://localviking.com/

4:45 User Metrics – Does Google use them? Some interesting replies. For a detailed discussion on “User Metrics” watch SEO Vault Episode 9

9:58 An unconfirmed Google Search Algorithm Update

22:58 Google tests removing a site’s normal Snippet when Featured Snippet is displayed

29:23 Google disables the ability to call-in for GMB support/GMB Phone Support


33:24 Best Rank Tracker for GMB’s, How to Automate, scale and manage?

37:58 When people are doing searches (local searches) using Google Search VS Google Maps. Are the results different? (for detailed answers register our FREE Training Course at https://localclienttakeover.com/our-courses/)

41:24 Do you always build a GMB site when you have the GMB listing?

45:20 What’s an effective site structure for a local client?

52:25 A customer has a duplicate GMB listing one with 50 reviews and the other with 0. The GMB with 0 reviews is ranking and the other is hidden. Will it cause a big drop in visibility to delete the duplicate?


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